Saturday, May 06, 2006


1. I think Luis O. Rodriguez should play damned near every day. Now that Cuddy seems to be getting more playing time (only an apparition?), this should be the Twins Bloggers' next big cause. I saw that he was pinch hitting for Castro, and I must say I called that walk. Unfortunately, only H can vouch for that and he didn't understand. Instead he grabbed my chin.

2. Also, I have to say that I called Matt Stairs' HR off Radke the other night. I thought to myself, "Hmm, no runs yet? Don't they have any Left-Handed slugger-type guys to hit homeruns off Radke?" Then, Stairs came up, "Hey! Stairs is a lefty! and a slugger-type. I don't see how he can't get any homeruns off Radke tonight. Seeing as this is probably his last AB against Radke for the game, he must get a HR this AB." If only I had a brain recorder, I could totally prove all this.

3. So I'm all twisted up, hoping the Lakers win the hole damn thing (mostly because I realized Kobe's a dork because of the tights), and they go up 3-1 and I'm picturing them playing the Clippers and that's funny because they won't have to travel but the NBA will still give them 2 travel days between the Clippers' home games and the Lakers' home games. And now (beginning of 4th quarter), it looks like they've squandered the whole damned thing.

3a. You know, if Kobe is this good with a bunch of replacement-level players, imagine what he could do with another all-star or two and a bunch of positive-VORP players. What? Oh, right...

3ai. They do have VORP for basketball, right?

3b. Deavan George graduated from Augsburg a year ahead of me. I've always held it against him that he got drafted by the Lakers (like he could help it). Somehow, it was like getting drafted by the Sith, and then heling them take over the republic. So, Deavan, I'm sorry for all the bad vibes I've been sending you these past 7 years. It was me who was immature.

3c. So, I've watched probably all of 48 minuts of NBA basketball this year total. But I've turned on the playoffs hoping that jerk superstars like Artest and Kobe can carry their teams. Now I think I may be bored with it again, unless LeBron can compete against the pistons, but I'd wait until late in the series.

3d. David Stern: you've got about 10 minutes left to fix this game for the Lakers or I'm done watching basketball for the year.

4. The Oilers are my team for this year's Stanley Cup playoffs, mainly because their Goalie, Roloson, used to be the Wild Goalie, but also because no version of their sweater offends me. (Sharks? Ducks? Avs?) I was so psyched to see them beat the Red Wings. I guess I'd like the Devils in the East, but I have a very clear bias in cheering for Western NHL teams.


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King James has at least made the Pistons/Cavs series interesting.

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