Friday, May 05, 2006

Silva's Sinker

Sure, the Twins lost last night by the Royals, but hey, Carlos Silva seemed to be returning to form. Still too many fly outs for me to be really comfortable, but no home runs, and I think most of the hits against him were grounders that found holes, so there's that.

Silva has been my favorite Twin these last two years, with his awesome ability to get batters to ground out (or into a double play) even though the batters know exactly that's what he's going to be doing. His early-season shellings have had me worried that he has lost it or that the league has figured him out or that his knee-repairing surgery changed his mechanics or something. I'm not particularly hopeful that the Twins can contend this year, but I am once again hopeful for a 18-hit 9-DP complete game shutout, or something along those lines.

PS. Cuddy and Castro are on my "good list" for wearing appropriately smooth helmets. Torii is on my bad list. I think the helmets make the players' heads look pointy from straight on. Like This: ^.


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