Sunday, April 09, 2006

Weekend Thoughts

1. Seriously, I could do without all the losing. At least it wasn't to the Royals (I'm looking at you White Sox...)

2. As bad as Joe Mays had it Wednesday, Lohse had it Friday and so did Jon Garland. And Garland's was against the Royals.

3. I think my five favorite teams in MLB are the AL Central. My Twins. The sad-sack Royals. The WS champion ChiSox (who I rooted against all last year until I saw my first postseason game... hey, they're our villians, plus: Ozzie's made them a lot less hateable than during the cocky Thomas years). The NoDakker-diring Cleveland Hafners. The resurgent Detroit Paper Tigers (Uhm, those wins were against KC and Texas).

4. C, who has no knowledge of racial sterotypes, was pretty sure that the Cleveland team was "the Sharks." I think Chief Wahoo's feather looked like a dorsal fin to her.

4a. If I were an artsy guy, I would do a mock-up of Wahoo as a Shark and also as a Hafner (my preferred name for the team). I've really got nothing against "Indians" but I still can't believe that Wahoo is still around. I do like the Script "I" alternate logo as it keeps the silhouette of Wahoo, like a way of fading him out without erasing him.

5. Sidney Ponson has hair! Wow!


Anonymous Jim H. said...

Renaming the Indians the Hafners is a perfect solution. It gets rid of that offensive mascot, it reflects the fact that without the Nodakker they have almost no team, and it honors Cleveland baseball tradition. The Cleveland team was known as the Naps from 1910 to 1914, named for Nap Lajoie, their most famous player (and player-manager, I think).

Go Hafs!

11:36 AM  

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