Monday, March 20, 2006

Me Kids, dey love dem some dancehall. Plus, go Cuba!

1. Yesterday, E went to run some errands, and called my cell while I took care of the kids. My ringtone for her is Damian Marley's "All Night" (for reasons that aren't obvious). C started dancing with the ring. When I answered the phone, she was disappointed. After the call, I replayed the ringtone a few times, for her to dance to. Then, rather than listen to the same 20-second clip over and over, I got out the CD* and played it. C loved it, dancing around in her princess dress (the pink one). H seemed to dig either the music or C's dancing, because he smiled and bounced in his bouncy-chair and did the closest thing he can to clapping. We listened to most of the album (track 5 on) and they only tired of it towards the end (I do too though).

*"Welcome to Jamrock": much better than I thought it would be.

1a. So tonight, I'm bringing home my Greensleeves "Diwali Riddim" compilation. We'll see what they think of T.O.K. and Bounty Killer. Maybe I need to burn me a "Best of Sean Paul" to share with them.

1b. If anyone (frightwig) remembers, my hope is that my kids at least appreciate some Jamaican music. I might be able to understand more than 25% had I not waited to college to listen to anyone other than the Wailers.

1c. Yes, I realize that "Welcome to Jamrock" isn't pure dancehall, but it's more dancehall than it is Wailers-style Reggae.

2. I'm heavily cheering for the Cubans tonight. Watching them take on the Dominicans, I thought, "Most of these guys should be millionaires with huge mansions in Florida." Now, I don't know how well paid they are in Cuba, tonight they can get their one night of the glory they deserve. Papi has his ring, Choi has his 6 hr weekend against the Twins, Ichiro topped Sisler and has his ROY, but unless the Cubans really risk themselves, they've only got tonight.

2a. Would be cool though if after they won, half ran for the outfield fence or did whatever they have to do to defect/apply for asylum.

2b. Plus, they're also the chance of sports protests to destabilize a regime. I remember Iran had its Soccer team blow some games so they could stay out of the World Cup. Still, I don't think Cubans will overthrow former player Fidel if they win or lose. Now, I don't think Cuba is the worst place in the world to live, but I think it could be a lot better. If Cuba was free, maybe the Marlins could talk about relocating there.

2c. The Japanese only have to wait 7 years before they can move to the real majors from AAAA(+). Are American clubs be able to sign/draft them before a Japanese club does?
2d. Does the Cuban team have a nickname? If not, I propose the "Pajamas" after those awful red pants. Yet still I cheer for them.

2e. C cheered for the Dominicans on Saturday. I don't hold it against her, though. She declared "Baseball is my favorite!"

2f. I undid the Koreans. I woke up Saturday with a very sore throat and ate some KimChi. I was gonna save it for after they win the first WBC title, but my throat really hurt. Did the job though, but it jinxed the SoKors.


Blogger amr said...

PS. Sorry about that, B.H. Kim. I was saying to myself "It can't happen again." Except it could. My condolences.

7:55 PM  
Blogger frightwig said...

I also had the thought that it would be funny if Gourriel grounded out to SS in his last at-bat and just kept running up the RF line until he could jump into the stands. But I suppose it didn't make much sense for him to apply for asylum while in the US, even if he wanted to, because then he'd be subject to the June draft. Better for him if he waits until he can escape to another country like Mexico or Costa Rica.

The Cubans' red pants were ugly, but I loved their jerseys--especially the red ones with the white sleeves.

Yes, Japanese players can choose to sign contracts with US teams right out of high school. I believe that former Mariners/Royals pitcher Mac Suzuki was one who did that. The Braves currently have a prospect named Takumi Hamaoka who has followed suit. However, of course the kid who chooses that route must assume a higher risk of failure, not to mention the daunting commitment of moving to another country at such a young age to ride the buses in the bush leagues. The Japanese draft still promises them a better chance of quick advancement, more money at a younger age, and the comforts of home.

8:52 PM  
Blogger frightwig said...

Btw, I meant to ask you before, did you see the Kubota logo on the wall in the Tokyo Dome?

8:55 PM  

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