Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pictures of my bump.

1. I am pretty sure that slightly less than zero people care, but here are the pictures of my lipoma, and the place where it used to be.


2. I'm trying to avoid getting score updates from the Canada/Mexico game as I plan on watching the game early this morning. I'm not sure what inning it is, but I saw that the score is 6-0 Mexico. If that would hold, the U.S. would be out, even if they can beat the Suidafrikanners*. Mexico would win the first tiebreaker and the pool on Runs per 9 innings. Then Canada would win the runner-up do to their win over the US. That would make me happy. More Jorge Cantu. Less A-Rod and Jeter.

* May not be real word for people from South Africa. Should be though.

2a. Until I saw the score, I forgot that Loaiza was pitching tonight. I like him. He's a beard Samson. Good pitcher with his beard, bad pitcher clean shaven (as with the Yankees).

2b. Correction: Thinking about it, if Mexico keeps Canada scoreless, USA could still have a better runs/9 than Mexico, _if_ the USA and South Africa stay tied at 0 for more than 9 innings (of course, if the game is tied at 0 through 14, the game is a tie). I don't think that's gonna happen. Also, if Mexico gets the mercy rule against Canada, the US could go fewer scoreless innings. Wouldn't it be cool if the only way the US could advance was by taking a scoreless game into extra innings? Wouldn't it then be cool if Damon hit a leadoff homer?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cared. I'm having one removed in June. Thanks for posting pictures.

11:40 AM  

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