Monday, March 06, 2006

Like a kid.

After posting that, I went to do the dishes. Thinking things over some more.

1. After looking it up, I was 14 for game 6. I was becoming a cynical teen. I would buy a Nirvana album 2 months later. Three years later, I would leave baseball over the strike and not come back for 7 years.

Yet my memory tells me I was a Kid. Like 9 or 10. Maybe that night kindof a night strikes such a childlike awe in you that if you were even close to being a kid, you're temporarily turned back into one for the night. Thanks, Kirby for the last night I was a Kid.

2. Before I left work, I checked the web for updates and saw nothing. When Kirby passed away, I was playing princess with C. It was a great night with her. Decided not to do dishes or make bottles until, well, right now. Just let her entertain me with songs from Cinderella, and dancing and "ice skating" on the rug. Seems somehow appropriate.


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