Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Why Baseball?

I can't imagine anyone reads this site without reading Seth Stroh's site, but in case that is the case for you, I got my "Why Baseball" article published at his site today.

Here's the link:

In other news, the whole family is doing well and I'm anticipating the pro baseball World's Cup (the World Baseball Classic, not the be confused with the Baseball World Cup, which I believe is amateurs, minor-leaguers, and the Cubans who could be pros but haven't defected). All I've been reading is about how stacked the Dominican team will be and how the US will have a lot of talent but little motivation. I wonder why no one mentions how good the Venezuelans will be. Silva, Santana, Garcia, Zambrano, with Henry Blanco catching. They'll probably have to win each game 1-0, though they do have Abreu and Mora.

Also, the US gov't says the Cubans can't play. [Ignoring politics,] I don't know exactly what I think about that. I guess that no defectors would play for that team, so maybe a "free Cuba" team would be better. But it would be nice for rival nations like Cuba and the US to play on a stage where they are equals. Hell, China and Taiwan are in the same pool. I did notice that MLB now refers to Taiwan with the Olympic title "Chinese Taipei." That's too bad, because I wanted to see a Taiwanese team play for its own flag, especially against China.


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