Thursday, October 13, 2005

AJ's K

1. As I watched the play in the ninth, I said... why the hell isn't the catcher tagging him? And he gets to first. Looked like a trapped to me. Ever think of tagging him just to be sure? Either way, Paul made a boneheaded play, and AJ capitalized on it. It's like the catcher's equivalent of a batter popping out with a runner at first, and not running it out, allowing the fielder to drop it and turn two. No way Mauer doesn't tag the guy. Mauer seems to tag everyone, but maybe he just drops a lot of strikeout balls.

1a. As much as I want to dislike him, Scioscia showed a lot of class afterwards, saying that his team has to play better than to let a "blown call" lose the game.

1b. I was almost homing AJ/Ozuna wouldn't score just to see Buerhle pitch the 10th.

1c. I told E to check out Buerhle's beard, she said it was gross, but then she said, "It's just like yours."

1d. Postgame grilling of the Umps! In Russia, the umps grill you after the game. America! What a Country! Yakov aside, that was odd. I felt a fatherly desire to protect the home plate ump from the nasty journalists.

2. White Sox Postseason record splits:
2-1 without sleeves. Man are those sleeveless unis abominations.
2-0 with sleeves.

3. Can I be the only person who thinks the cream-colored sleeves on the LCS managers' lettermen's jackets is butt-ugly? More props to Scioscia for wearing the hooded sweatshirt instead.

4. I didn't watch the NL game. I wonder what ML player/manager they have in the booth. Lou Pinella's some weird mix of Bowa (who I kindof like) and Kruk (who I don't). The combination of playing for this guy and in Tropicana must truly be unbearable. McCarver looks much better with Pinella in the booth: more stupid, but less anoying voice. But my real hatred is still for Buck. McCarver is the Madden, he's not supposed to be the straight guy.

4a. I still think the best idea would be to let a guy from the home team's base team in the booth. I know that would mean Hawk, but hey, variety would be better than Buck/McCarver forever, and if I hate the local guy, it'll change in the next city.

5. Yeah, I haven't written much lately. More work on the basement and, hey, it's not like the Twins are playing.


Anonymous Jeff said...

I've been gone for a while, so I'm making comments on a couple of previous posts. Re: a Republican candidate to vote for in '08, keep an eye on George Allen. I don't know that much about him yet, but what I do know is positive, plus there is a sports connection there.

Re: home team announcers in the playoffs: I don't know how old you are, but I remember in '60s and '70s when they actually used to do that. I'm not sure exactly when or why they stopped, but I can remember Phil Rizzuto on the '76 series, so I know it went on at least that long.

3:42 PM  

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