Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Santana for ALCY.

1. Why the Hell not Cytana2? Here I am wishing a meltdown on Colon in his next outing, the same way I willed Loaiza out of ALCY03. (I still feel bad about that, sorry, Esteban!)

2. I saw on SBG that the Twins are favored today (Lima vs Lohse). There's no way they're favored on Thursday night (Wood vs Mays), right? Wood is the guy who started that 42-hit shutout last month.

2a. Pitcher ERAs in Sept:
Lima, 11.88 (4G, 16.2IP, 22ER)
Wood, 5.32 (4G, 22IP, 13ER)
Lohse, 4.50 (4G, 20IP, 10ER)
Mays, 11.17 (5G (1Start), 9.2IP, 12ER)

3. Magic Numbers:
ChiSox: 4 ALCD, 4 ALWC
Hafners: 8 ALCD, 6 ALWC

4. Over-.500 numbers (5 games remaining):
Twins: 3
Brewers: 3
Padres: 4
(One fewer win than listed gets you an 81-81 record.)


Blogger SBG said...

My seat of the pants guess is that in a nine inning game, the maximum number of hits a team can get and not score is 45. So, 42, that was pretty impressive.

4:29 PM  

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