Friday, October 14, 2005


With postseason baseball coming to Houston -- currently the hottest Hip-Hop scene in the country -- can we get some local flavor? How about these?:

1. National Anthem each night by a different Child of Destiny? (Though not hip-hop, and maybe too obvious.)

2. "Take Me out to the Ball Game" by Paul Wall (pictured) and Mike Jones?

3. Slim Thug saying "Play Ball, Ni**az" (that would take about 30 sec) or singing that Greenwood song. (Every ballpark is required to play that, right?)

4. Swisha House bumper music for the Fox Broadcast?

5. Chopped and Screwed version of "Centerfield" for the Wily Taveras feature?

6. Maceo's "Nextel Chirp" for a, uhm, Nextel commercial.

I guess I can dream, eh?


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