Monday, March 06, 2006

Go SoKors!

Congrats to South Korea on the first upset of the WBC. I watched almost all of that game, and it was pretty good, even if I couldn't tell any of the Koreans apart. (I think Three last names covers 75% of the team). One of the Lees, Seung Yop, hit an 8th inning 2-r HR to reverse the score. Unfortunately, I had fallen asleep during the commercial between the 7th and 8th and didn't wake up until the bottom of the 9th, so I missed some of the excitement. Notes:

1. I liked the Koreans' simple hats/helmets. Baby Blue with a plain sans-serif "K." I could imagine a "C" and a new direction for the Royals' unis.

2. Learned during the broadcast that the Koreans are playing for something extra. Military service is mandatory in the country (having a militarized border will do that). However, there are some exceptions. Win a Asian games gold medal or any olympic medal, and your service is waived. Apparently, there's a motion in the legislature that getting to the WBC semis will get the team an exemption. That's pretty cool. They're now my darkhorse team to get far, and I'll be rooting for them.

3. Korea's upset wasn't as big as some others could be. It wasn't RSA over USA or China not having to worry about the mercy rule, but Japan is one of the top 6 or so teams.

4. I've got no real love for the US team. I'm hoping Castro and Reyes's Mexico, as well as Morneau and Crain's Canada make it out of Pool B. If South Africa played America close, I wouldn't mind, so long as Joe Nathan doesn't give up any runs.

5. I watched a bunch of ESPN yesterday, and didn't see a single mention of Taiwan's big win over China. Sure, it wasn't USA/USSR hockey or Pakistan/India cricket, but it was a US sport and involves a US rival's humiliation at the hands of it's little breakaway republic. Maybe next WBC...

Bonus: Cat Osterman update. 2 more games, 2 more wins, one in relief.
14-0, .16 ERA, 88.2 IP, 209K.


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