Thursday, March 02, 2006

Baseball. Tonight.

1. I'm excited. Three televised games that I know of tonight. Twins vs. BoSox (Spring Training). Korea vs Taiwan (I will not call them Chinese Taipei, that sounds like a colony!) and Japan vs China (WBC). The Japan game is on ESPN2 at 3:30 am, but I have the baby-feeding night shift (4:30 am?), so I'll probably go to bed early and just stay up and watch the second half of the game.

2. Saw this news of former Twins current Nats in exhibition:
Matt LeCroy drove in three runs with a bases-clearing single, while Cristian Guzman went 2-for-2 with an RBI.

A bases-clearing single? Seems Matty is right where he left off, stretching extra-base hits into singles. I picture him like Happy Gilmore, who gets a hole-in-one and says "That's so much easier."* LeCroy hits the homer and does the same thing.

*Note: may not be actual quote from the movie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cat is the best softball pitcher!!!

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