Saturday, March 04, 2006

Osterman Update

If you forgot, a reminder: my favorite athlete in the whole wide world right now is Cat Osterman, a pitcher for Texas Longhorns Softball. As the baseball season hadn't started, I didn't think to check up on how she was doing in her senior year. In a word: awesome. Now I'm not exactly sue how good the competition has been so far this year, but check out her stats:

12-0 record in 13 games (11-0 in 12 starts and one relief win).
2 R (both earned) in 79.1 innings (0.176 ERA).
21 Hits and 11 BB for a 0.44 WHIP.
190 K's (16.8 K/7, 17.3 K/BB).
The picture is for national player of the week.
At 1825 K, she holds the NCAA K record.

Her first college at-bat in a blowout against Oklahoma Christian was a success, too. A double.

The team's doing pretty well, too: 21-1, ranked #2 in the country. Only loss was a 1-0 loss to #1 Arizona, in a game that Cat didn't start. Cat did get that back with a 1-0 win over Arizona 2 weeks later.

However, big 12 play hasn't yet begun. First conference game is 3/25 against Nebraska. On 4/15, a game against Oklahoma is on ESPN. Hopefully, Cat starts that one. If so I'll be watching...


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