Thursday, March 09, 2006

My bump. My lovely forehead bump.

1. I've had an unusual but subtle growth on my forehead for over a year. Until yesterday, when I had it removed. Benign fatty tumor. Somehow, I figured the procedure would be like gtting fillings, but man, my head still hurts.

2. Bonus is that I got to stay home watch the best day of WBC live baseball yet. Cuba/Panama followed by Canada/USA. The first game was just awesome. Back-and forth leads. 7 hit batters but no ejections (kindof hard to rule a hbp intentional when it pushes in the tying run in the bottom of the 9th). Panama stayed with Cuba, but the Cubans were just too good and got 2 runs in the 11th to win it. Bruce Chen (Panamanian? didn't know) did a great job with his start, but the bullpen let him down. Carlos Lee would have won the game twice and didn't. I really hope a couple of these Cubans defect after this whole thing is over:
Yunieski Maya blew the save but reached down when he needed it to prevent the loss.
Yadier Pedroso is 19 and gave up those tying runs but would show a lot of promise.
And Yulieski Gourriel is the 22-year old 2B who could have saved the Twins' season last year (as Bret Boone did not).

3. Great to see Canada upset the US. I stopped watching when the score was 8-2. Watch out for the RSA, America! They're spunky! If Canada beats Mexico and USA beats RSA, the US is in Round 2. If Mexico beats Canada (tonight, 2am, ESPN, I'm so there) and the US beats RSA, Then all 3 NAFTA countries are in a tiebreaker in which the winner is the one that gave up fewest runs (so far, Mexico) and the loser is the one of the other two that lost to the other (USA to Canada). If Mexico and the US lose, then South Africa, America, and Mexico have the 3-way tiebreaker. Mexico still has given up the fewest runs.

3a. Why does ESPN abbreviate South Africa "SAF"? I have to think for a minute each time I see that. San Fransisco? Slovak Air Force? "RSA" is the standard abbreviation.

3b. Jorge Cantu has the best look in all of baseball:

Love those Mexican Unis, too. I do hate the undershirts with accent-color elbow shading though, and every team has those.


Blogger frightwig said...

Have you read the latest Uni Watch column at It addresses the issue of the undershirt coloration. As usual, you can blame Nike.

6:22 PM  
Blogger amr said...

Thank Heavens that Majestic has the MLB uniforms contract. I fear a Mets version of the Florida Football Harlequin sleeve phenomenon. Nike seems determined to make all the athletes it dresses look like fools. See also the Big 10/ACC Challenge Basketbal uniforms... so much grey.

Rawlings might be going the same way with the airflow helmets, but I'll reserve judgement until I see them in action. Can't imagine Cantu in the vented.

And the pinetarrers (Minty, Vlad) will definitely stick to the plain dome model, I assume.

9:46 AM  
Blogger frightwig said...

I actually don't mind the two-tone vented helmet that the Mets are using. If you're going to put those ridges on the helmet, you might as well use them to create some color contrast, and I think the Mets' blue/black is tastefully done.

If the helmet is going to be all one color, I still prefer the dome. Better yet, I love that matted finish with the raised lettering used by Japan.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous imsam said...

Hi Amr,

About the Benign fatty tumor on your forehead you went for removal. Did it comes back again. I have the same bump with the benign fatty on my forehead and also have it removed but it seem after a few months, it starts to fill up the same place again and it seem bigger.

Can let me know yours completely gone? Thanks..

4:28 AM  

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