Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NCAA Pool Picks

1. Last year, in my company NCAA pool, I did alright. Top 30% or so. I was leading out the gate with 14 of the sweet 16. However, I had the eventual champion losing its first game, my annual 16 over 1 pick.

2. My bracket says Texas over UNC, only because these schools have the two best athletes in NCAA sports. Unfortunately, they are Cat Osterman and Ivory Latta. Still, I know of no other reason to pick any teams, and Osterman has made Texas my favorite school until she graduates, so why not?

3. I've filled out women's brackets for my own amusment for 4 years now. Last year, I got 3 of the Final Four right and the Champion, Baylor. This year I have absolutely no clue. I picked Maryland, just because I'm still ticked at Brenda Frese for leaving the Gophers, and I'm sure she'll like to stick it right back at me.


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