Saturday, March 11, 2006

Rooting Interests.

1. Okay, now the second round WBC teams have all been determined. Probably the teams that most would have guessed, although many may have guessed Canada over Mexico.

2. So, Pool 1 is the US, Japan, South Korea, and Mexico. Clearly I'm rooting for Korea and Mexico. My only pick is Mexico over the US, as they'll want to avenge their 0-2 loss.

3. Pool 2 is Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela. I'm rooting for Cuba (more time for Gourriel to defect to the Twins... I mean, uhm, freedom and the US) and Venezuela.

4. I was thinking, the format of the WBC is nicely expandable. If in 2009, there are 20 countries with potential teams, each of the 4 original pools could have 5 teams. Or with 24 countries, there could be 4 pools of 6. I can't think of 4 more teams I would add, though. My first picks would be Greece, India, Cuban exiles, and a USA B team. Maybe North Korea, Russia, Brazil, and Costa Rica have players, too. Or maybe they could allow a team of guys that don't qualify for any of the other countries. Like if there's a random Argentinian, or if the Cuban exiles don't get their own team.

4a. The USA B team could be a lot of guys who aren't all-stars, but aren't bad players: Lohse, Jacque Jones, Pierzynski, Crede, Rowand, Aaron Fultz, Mientkiewicz, etc. That's a USA team I could get behind.


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