Sunday, April 02, 2006

Let's! Go! Base! Ball!

1. Man, there must be some pressure on MLB to make opening game this official. I think the rain delay was five hours* and they started play back up even though it is still really pouring. Thome just hit a home run and it's 6-3 in the fourth Sox. I'm going to bed, having watched just a few at bats of an official game. I wonder if it'll be called after the fifth.

*Might have only been two, but the women's basketball game was a blowout, so I wanted baseball.

Eww, Cleveland's grass-stain undershirt elbows look like blood.
Note: 4.5 played. The game counts.

Cleveland looks like crap, like they're not even trying fielding, holding off steals, it's now 7-3. Too bad they just can't get together, shake hands, and call it like if it were Curling. Save everybody's stats and keep anyone from getting injured from the water.

2. Preseason picks.
AL Central: WhiteSox (not just because I saw Thome's HR).
AL East: DevilRays
AL West: A's
AL Wild Card: Twins

NL Central: Brewers
NL East: Braves
NL West: Gigantes
NL Wild Card: Cardinals

AL MVP: Jorge Cantu
NL MVP: Barry Bonds
AL CY: Halladay (or maybe Clemens)
NL CY: Sheets (or maybe Clemens)
AL/NL ROY: Man, the only guys I can think of are Twins.
AL Coach: Devil Rays Coach (Don't know name)
NL Coach: Brewers Coach (Don't know name - Yost?)

3. Oh, and my NCAA women's national champ pick, Maryland, beat UNC tonight, just as I predicted. I'm a little spooked about it, too.


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