Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Happy New Year!

C, H, and I watched as much of the start of tonight's game as we could. Here's a picture.

That's my hat from the year they changed to the dynamic M (1987?). I was 9 but we can tighten it so it fits her.

Before the game, there was a montage of Kirby moments. I had told C about him (a bit) back right after he died. Tonight I told her about his "owie" (the patched eye) that was so bad he couldn't play baseball anymore. C drew a connection to my "owie" on my forehead (lipoma removal). C said "I hope he got better." I really didn't know what to say.

Too bad about the game. I couldn't watch enough of it to get a feel. I do think that Halladay is one of the two best pitchers in the AL (him and Johan). I like that Shannon got so many hits (he was one of last year's worst producers relative to what I would expect). Is Crain now the set-up with Juan Rincon the 7th inning guy? Can Batista hit 162 Solo HRs? Can Castillo make us long for Rivas's defense? Hey, we're only one game back (behind the Tigs).

Overtime in the NCAA Women's Championship game... you go Brenda! The reason we're pissed is because we know you're awesome and we wanted you to stay. I'm posting this now.

Anyways, happy new year (of baseball)!


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