Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dearest Joe Mays, I'm So Very Sorry about Bringing You Here, Love amr

1. Not a Twin anymore, but I watched the Gamecast of Joe Mays' debut for the Royals. Ouch ouch ouch. For a guy that fell apart down the stretch last year, it was not a good start. He started like he was Bradke: Double Single Double SacFly Walk/ScoreOnWP. 3 runs in the first, with the only out an RBI. But then: GIDP GroundOut K K FlyOut FlyOut Single GroundOut Groundout Double GroundOut FlyOut. Maybe he's getting it. But then in the 5th: Homer Single Groundout Homer. Afternoon over, 6 runs in 4.1 IP. Damn, I was rooting for the guy.

2. Everyone's favorite res-hall drug dealer, Bronson Arroyo, got the Win in Cincinnati today, hitting a Homer in his first AB as a Commie. I think I'm rooting for him a lot this year, just a decent pitcher for the Reds, a castoff from the Red Sox.

3. I haven't been able to watch enough of the Twins yet to have any thoughts really worth expressing that haven't already been elsewhere. Haven't seen if they actually are wearing the Lizard-Head Helmets. I saw some tonight on the Dodgers on TBS, and they look awful. Reserving judgement went to revulsion. Are the Twins wearing these?


Anonymous Jim H. said...

Francona should have had Arroyo batting fifth last year to protect Big Papi.

9:09 AM  
Blogger frightwig said...

So far, the Twins have been wearing the old-style batting helmets. Maybe the Cool-Flo Lizard Heads will be home-only?

10:05 PM  

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