Friday, April 07, 2006

Glasses Battery

1. I was surprised to see the game last night was not televised. Radio listening does not work with the kids, so we watched Nats/Mets instead until they went to bed.

2. Would have loved to see the Jays last night: Jason Phillips catching Gustavo Chacin. Is that the first time that a battery has both guys as regular glasses-wearers, so regular that they wear glasses in their mugshots?

3. I miss Matt LeCroy. And I've got another reason to miss him: Mike Redmond. Picking up where he left off last year, Redmond is proving he's too good a hitter to be a backup. But, as we only have two catchers of any talent on the roster (Morneau is the emergency catcher), we'll never be able to use Redmond as a pinch-hitter for anyone other than Mauer. LeCroy wasn't a great catcher, but it was nice to have him as a slightly-better-than-emergency catcher who had another role. If the Twins do find themselves out of contention this year, I hope we can trade Redmond to a contender (and bring up Heintz again). Side note: do we still have Corky or Bowen in our minors? I see they're not on the 40-man.


Anonymous bjhess said...

Bowen was claimed on waivers by Detroit and then claimed on waivers from them by San Diego. He's actually with the ML team as the third catcher.

Last I saw of Corky Miller he was invited to Seattle's spring training.

9:34 AM  

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