Monday, May 01, 2006

Blown Opposition Save Opportunity

I'm still working on the best name for the phenonenon, but I've got my own statistic that I like to follow. If the opposite of the win is the loss, the opposite of the save is the ___. Unsave? Blown Opposition Save opportunity (BOSO)? Any help?

Anyways, tonight, Jesse Crain had one. I think it's only the second of the Twins this season.

My definition of it is: Reliever comes in and if he gets all the remaining outs in the inning without any further scoring (including inherited runners), the opposition would have a save opportunity (which will usually become a Hold unless it's the 9th), 3 run or less lead, in the 5th or later, I think. However, the batting team scores enough runs after you enter that a save is no longer available to them.

So, even though Crain did not give up Baker's 5th run, he inherited it and allowed it to score.

I do not believe that this really captures anything, but then again, Wins and Losses really don't either. Still, it can be a nice summary statistic for me to write in the Twins Calendar that I fill in each day.


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