Saturday, April 29, 2006

God gives Loaiza a Mulligan. Why not the Twins?

1. So, Esteban Loaiza really was awful tonight in KC: 5 R (all ER) off 4 H (Including a Reggie Sanders Grand Slam) and 6 BB. He must've had no control. Sander's HR was only the 6th strike of his night, (his 14th pitch). He walked the first two of the second inning before being pulled. Yet, rain fell from the sky enough to stop the game in the third and delete any of these events from offically having happened. Mientkiewicz's 2 bb. Reggie's GS. Kerry Robinson got his first major-leauge action in two years, going 2-3 with a run and an RBI (2-3 in 2 2/3 innings!). Heck, the Royals getting three innings of 1-run pitching against someone who isn't the Twins is not something to Sneeze at either. And it all never happened.

(I couldn't find any more details on the weather).

2. I would love to see Vince Young be the best player to come out of this NFL draft. I watched this year's RoseBowl replayed on ESPN classic last night after the Twin's loss. I started asking myself if Texas really did win.

3. Re: Twins. Wow. 27-1 over 2 games? I thought today's game was a night game, so I missed it. Maybe that's a good thing. I'm afaid to even look at the box. I'll assume Silva's sinker isn't sinking. I think that KC rain could've helped. Maybe the KC batters will help next Thurday.

3a. I think it's time to draw up my list of other teams to root for, in case I should need it.

1. Twins (No matter if they'll soon be putrid, the "TC" gets me every time.)
2. Royals (Just for fun, started following them as my second last year, and this year they have better unis. Also, they host the Negro Leagues Museum, and someday I'm driving to a game.)
3. Devil Rays (If I don't who will? Plus, they have Cantu!)
4. Brewers (I guess they're my NL team. Young and exciting.)
5. Reds (Bronson's my man. Next year's uni upgrade--less black--could make them my NL team.)
6. Braves (I can watch most of their Games.)
7. ChiSox (Won me over in last year's playoffs. Plus, they're the Devil you know.)
8. Hafners (If NoDak is MN's backyard, Hafner is basically a homeboy.)
9. Mariners (Eddie gets to give them Heart attacks now.)
10. Gigantes (Everyone else's Bonds-hate has made me a fan, like a reverse Jeter or Favre.)
11. Pirates (I don't even know enough about them to know how they suck. That's intriguing.)
12. Tigers (Did these guys really lose 119 three years ago?)
13-15. DiamondBacks, Rockies, Cards (The NL clubs I am fully neutral on.)
16. Nats (Pros: LeCroy, Robinson, Johnson. Cons: Screech, plus I just get a bad vibe this year.)
17. Marlins (I do enjoy the feast/famine cycle. I guess it's easier when you have no fans.)
18-20. Athletics, Orioles, Rangers (the AL clubs I am neutral on. I hope they're bad so they're easier for the Twins and Royals to beat.)
21. Astros (Nothing interests me about them, except maybe the outfield hill.)
22. Cubs (Would be lower, but I still like Jacque and Maddux has my complete respect. Would be higher but they really ruined LaTroy's rep. It's Dusty's fault for using him as a closer--he's awful with a lead in the 9th. It's a mental thing for him, but it's not going away. Work with it!)
23. Blue Jays (Could be up with neutral AL teams if they incorporated the old font a little bit. If you have a color in your teams' name, you should use it a lot. Unless you're the Browns.)
24. Angels (If only they didn't beat the Twins so much and Scioscia weren't such an ass.)
25. Padres (The Astros without an outfield hill.)
26. Dodgers (I think I may be bitter about the WS loss before I was born.)
27. Phillies (Will you look at the number font on the Jerseys? Do they think this is the NBA? Plus, I still rank them higher than most people in Philly.)
28. Yanquis (I keep waiting for Torre to quit and/or the team to fall completely apart like the recent Knicks of Philly Eagles. No such luck yet.)
29. Red Sox (Equal to the Yanquis except eveyone else's loving them (in 2004 made me hate them more).
30. Mets (Like the Yanquis, only Ugly and without the success.)

4. The Twins official site on asks for All-Star game votes. I can't think of a single position player on the Team who would deserve a nod right now. Maybe Castillo? I'm guessing Santana will be the Twins' only rep unless things get turned around quickly. If not Santana, it will be Nathan.

5. LOR (formerly Luis R (v 2.0)) should be our starting SS, I think. If nothing else, he should be the focus of Gardy's Srubbini Fixation, not Punto or Castro.

6. Bad for the Twins being so dominated by Runny Hernandez on Wednesday. Good for Runny coming back from being DLed for being overweight on reporting to camp. Hopefully, his start against the Twins wasn't a fluke, and he can have success against. . . better hitting teams. His next test: Monday at Detroit against Bonderman.


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Like the list, especially the bottom. Got to agree with 28-30. In that order, too, I think.

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