Friday, April 14, 2006


1. The Twins have won four in a row and all a sudden I'm thinking great things. Maybe Tony Batista is a good idea at third, and maybe Castro is good for covering Batista's lapses and giving us decent production out of the 9-spot in the lineup and maybe Ford is a good idea in right and maybe Punto should be the guy to spell Castro at short. Yet, maybe Rondell White is done for his career and maybe Johan Santana will end the year 0-33 with an over-4 ERA.

2. Ten games, ten decisions for the starting pitchers. Does any other team still have no bullpen decisions? 2004's vulture was Rincon. 2005's vulture was Crain. Could 2006's vulture be the starting rotation?

3. By the way, whoever had "Lohse and Baker" in the "who gets the Twins first two Quality Starts?" pool, please step forward to claim your award. No, not you, liar.

4. I said it last year: I wish Castro were about 25 years old. He looks great at times and not-so-great at others and if we could just point at his age and say "maturing," we'd feel a lot better about the weak hitting. Tonight's at-bat was pretty awsome and I can't wait to see Will Young's win probability chart to see if he orLew or Baker got the most of that win.

5. I assume that like me, a lot of people had the day off for Good Friday. I think a daytime baseball game would have been great on TV, at least one in Wrigley, where daytime Friday games are not uncommon.


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