Monday, April 24, 2006


1. Well, Week 1, a 1-5 start, and I feel like the Twins are toast.
Then: Week 2, going 5-1 and the Twins are just shaking off the rust and going to contend.
Now: Week 3, 1-5, and what the hell happened to my pitching? We've still only got 2 bullpen decisions (Nathan 1-0, Crain 0-1), but Rincon picked up the team's first "Reverse Save*" on Saturday. Are we looking at a 4th place finish?

2. I think I'll predict a 5-1 week and a .500 April.

3. Two Saturdays ago, the televised game, Cat Osterman pitched a complete game shutout, with the only baserunner due to a HBP. Unfortunately, there was a lightning delay (no rain) after the second inning, and as I was fighting an awful cold, I fell asleep during the bonus coverage, only to wake up after the game was over. It didn't hurt that the bonus coverage was the previous week's televised big 12 softball game, which I had watched a lot of. (Yes, and here's where A&M

4. I've been fighting the cold all week and went away for the weekend (didn't watch any of the ComiskeyII games). That's why i haven't written anything. I did spend a lot of time staring at my Twins caps, and might try to do something with that in the next few weeks.


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