Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Sonofab---h. Damnit. Those protective abominations called "Cool-Flo." I don't believe the Twins had them before tonight. I haven't taken a complete inventory, but the following position players/DHs are on my "bad list":
Rondell White, Nick Punto, Tony Batista, Shannon Stewart, Luis Castillo.

On my "good list": Joe Mauer (might this have something to do with a sponsorship contract from someone not Rawlings?)

To add to it, they've scored as many runs tonight as in the last four games, so I'm sure they're likely to stick around as "good mojo".

I'd rather have discreet logos than the microdot bloody elbows and reptile venting that Nike and Rawlings are pushing on us baseball-watchers.

With the new Vikings uniforms (not as bad as I feared, I must admit, but don't mess with success), pixie vest and reptile helmets on my Twins, MSU Mankato's black and purple (which you'll have to look at eventually to watch the WCHA), and black uniforms for the Wolves, it's a tough time to be a Twin Cities sport fan. I got nothing against the Wild though, all their sweaters are pretty sweet.

PS. Joe Mauer is now 1-11 when drawing a full count. That seems odd.


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