Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bowen and Lima

Two of my favorite things in baseball, former marginal Twins (since 2002) and Jose Lima made the front page this morning.

1. Rob "Bruce" Bowen, former Twins AAA callup-backup type guy, got a 10th-inning walkoff HR for the Padres last night. Way to go, Rob! For the season, he is hitting .389/.478/.667 in 22 PAs over 15 games (typically a late-inning replacement for Piazza. He hit .108/.189/.190 over 43 PAs for the Twins 2003-04.

2. Jose Lima, yes, that Jose Lima, has been called up from AAA by the Mets for a spot start today because John "Who?" Maine and Brian "Slide Down the" Bannister are injured. With a mostly-shorn chin and naturally-colored hair, he looks downright sane in that mugshot. Let's hope it's just an illusion, I prefer Crazy Lima to any other Lima. He faces off against Smoltz and the Braves. If the Mets can win this, you've gotta start thinking they are a team of destiny. I would love it if he could stay up until the Mets play the Dodgers (June 5-7), because he hates them for not signing him for 2005. He sucked against nearly everyone last year except the Twins and Dodgers. Update: I can't really watch the game, but it's on TBS. Lima looks like he's got a blond afro shoved under the old-fashioned blue Mets cap. He's given up 3 runs in 3 innings. Looks like there was a fight because Paul Lo Duca and Bobby Cox have been ejected after Smoltz got an RBI Fielder's Choice. Hope there's an extensive recap on BBTN.


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