Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Softball Trivia

Looking at the Big 12 Softball Tournament Bracket, it occurs to me, the Big 10 has more softball teams than the Big 12. File that away for bar conversations.

Colorado and Kansas State do not have conference softball teams, while all 11 Big 10 teams have softball teams.

#1 Texas plays tomorrow at 7:30 vs the winner of single-elimination game #9 Iowa State vs #8 Oklahoma State. The first two games among the bottom 4 teams are single-elimination. After that, it's double elimination. So, if you win you're play-in, you're guaranteed to play 3 total. They should have the losers of the play-ins have to play each other and have the loser demoted and K-State or Colorado promoted for next year, like European Football Clubs.


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