Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Women's College World Series

If you gave the NCAA selection committee any grief for not getting a single #1 pick right for the Men's basketball tournament, you've got to give them props for seeing the NCAA softball tournament. It's 64 teams, but only the top 16 are seeded. Of the 16 teams to advance to the Super regionals, 13 were the seeded teams, with #16, 13, and 11 losing (2 4s and a 3 in Bball tourney lingo). And the 8 teams in the Women's College World Series are top 8 top-seeded teams in the tounament. That's right, there were no upsets in the second weekend.

So, Cat Osterman's Texas is in as the #3 in the WCWS. If seeding continues to form, they will beat #6 Arizona State on Thursday (2pm on ESPN), lose to #2 Arizona on Friday (6pm on ESPN2), beat #5 Alabama on Saturday (8pm on ESPN), and Lose to #1 UCLA on on Sunday (2 pm, ESPN), for a third-place finish (same as last year). Hopefully, a few more upsets will happen this weekend. Even if Texas doesn't win it all, I just hope it isn't the UCLA Lady Yankees. I guess I'd pull for Alabama, even with those silly helmets.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look for ASU and/or Arizona and Alabama in the finals. They have been using the new Kinect Training bat for live batting practice and have been knocking the cover off the ball. I usually root for pitching, but at some point you have to put runs up on the board.

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